Scituate Food Pantry

How To Donate

Scituate Food Pantry’s Post Office Food Drive

Saturday, May 13th


The Food Pantry, sponsored by the Scituate Clergy Association, provides vital services to a growing number of families.

“The Food Pantry is a lifesaving gift for my family.”

“I couldn’t get through the month without you.”

“There are times I had no food and you saved me.”


This Post Office Drive is our major source of food donations.

Look for the convenient PO Food Drive kit in your mail on May 3rd and 4th. Support us by leaving non-perishable food items at your mailbox or post office box on the morning of the 13th. Your Letter Carrier will deliver your donation to the Food Pantry.

To make a financial donation, visit our website -

Serving Scituate Families for 25 Years

In 2016

220 Families

450 People

6,000 bags of food

$56,000 in Food Vouchers